Microsoft Windows is a series of graphical interface operating systems developed, marketed, and sold by Microsoft.Microsoft introduced an operating environment named Windows on November 20, 1985 as a graphical operating system shell for MS-DOS in response to the growing interest in graphical user interfaces (GUIs). Microsoft Windows came to dominate the world's personal computer market with over 90% market share, overtaking Mac OS, which had been introduced in 1984.As of April 2014, the most recent versions of Windows for personal computers, smartphones, server computers and embedded devices are respectively Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Embedded 8.
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    • 9 Gadgets and Tech to Be Excited About in 2015

      2015 is the year of the Future, thanks to that one rambunctious, time-traveling teen with a hoverboard. As we're still in the opening moments of 2015, we're allowed to be hopeful. Last year we saw a lot of awesome but also a lot of "just wait until next year!" Almost every major company talked of things just on the horizon.

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    • $10 Off Your Monster Hunter 4 Preorder, Razer Naga Epic, More Deals

      Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is back down to $30, and you really can't beat 25% off a Nintendo preorder. [Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, $30] Related: The new Razer Naga Epic Chroma gets its third discount and lowest price so far. [ Naga Epic Chroma, $115] If you still haven't picked up a PS4 camera, here's a $20 discount to fix that.

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  • Children of Morta Now on Kickstarter

    …/URqOnzBIIk #PSVita — PlayStation Vita (@PSVitaIntel) January 24, 2015 Children of Morta is looking for $65,000 (already $43,000 funded) with 24 more days to go. You can support the game here. Once fully funded, the game will be developed for PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) with potential releases on PS Vita, Wii U and Xbox. Related: Latest Square Enix Collective Project: Goetia Heads to Kickstarter Source: Kickstarter The post Children of Morta Now on Kickstarter appeared first on Gaming Cypher. …

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  • Trailer Roundup for January 26, 2015

    … the character is falling and must bounce from mushroom to mushroom, picking up objects that change the mushrooms' behavior to proceed without hitting obstacles. Chicky Duo iOS, Android | $1.99 | Available now An adorable-looking point and click adventure game about two chicks trying to save their mother. Dark Quest Windows, Xbox 360, Various mobile…

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  • Hey BUD, Ubisoft Wants You to Grow Home

    … developers from Ubisoft Reflections, Grow Home became a hit internally with Ubisoft staff members and eventually drew the attention of the powers that be in management, which gave the project the green light it needed to blossom into a full release currently planned for Windows PC via Steam. The launch date is already set for February 4th, and the game…

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  • PC Pick: care&control (Slimekat)

    … was a fulfilling experience in itself. care&control is a remake of a prototype with the same name, made for last year's Toronto Game Jam. This new version is playable on Windows and Mac, still in early access. You can purchase it for $2.99 on It comes with a seizure warning for flashing colors. Its developer, Arielle Grimes, also has several other games available for a donation or free on her page. … 2 readers -
  • Join us for G+ Hangout this week

    … Instead of recording a podcast this week, join @thevowel, @jeffrubenstein, @lauralollipop and me this Thursday night, January 22nd at 9p ET/6p PT as we get together and talk about news from this week’s Windows 10 event including our thoughts on the Xbox app and HoloLens. Find all of the details at my Google+ page or click the video below once…

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  • Windows 10 to be home to Xbox app, Xbox Live and HoloLens AR headset, says Microsoft

    … popular operating system, Windows 10. Was there any news worth mentioning for the Gaming Public? Yeah, there was, especially for those who like to game on both Xbox One and PC. With Windows 10, Microsoft is planning to bring Xbox deeper into the PC fold than ever before. The new OS will come with a built-in Xbox app that will act as a social hub where… 3 readers -

  • Microsoft Announce HoloLens Augmented Reality Headset

    … of Minecraft. Microsoft’s Hololens site has more information, including further videos with talking heads discussing the hotness of the thing. From the footage, it seems like it’s a midway point between Google Glass and the Kinect – you’ll be seeing things projected onto the world around you, but the headset is bulky, and you’ll be waving around…

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  • Chattycast Special Edition: Windows 10 and Microsoft HoloLens

    … Chattycast Special Edition: Windows 10 and Microsoft HoloLens In which the crew assembles and wrangles Briefcase Man to talk about all the news out of Microsoft's Windows 10 conference. It's only mid-week, so what's this podcast doing here? Following today's Microsoft conference, the Chattycast crew assembles and grabs a certain Briefcase…

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