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  • Phil Spencer Explains the Lack of Windows PC Games at E3

    … Microsoft's event at E3 this year was all about one thing. Xbox. With a huge Xbox log sitting happily at the back of the stage just below where each of the games trailers were being shown, it was kind of clear that we wouldn't be seeing any Windows PC or Windows Phone games during the conference. This is something Microsoft knew, with Phil Spencer explaining why. Read more of Phil Spencer Explains the Lack of Windows PC Games at E3 on n3rdabl3. …

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  • The Witcher Adventure Game Digitial Release Announced

    … Whilst arguably all the hype is for The Witcher 3, CD Projekt RED has announced a digital board game titled The Witcher Adventure. A closed beta is to shortly begin according to Projekt RED, which will be available on Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows PC. In the game, players are able to choose from known characters from the series, including Geralt…

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  • New H1Z1 Screenshots Emerge

    … but those concrete blockades probably won’t hold out too long. Perhaps some spikes would do the trick. Screenshot #4 A beautiful sunset in the distance, perhaps reminding survivors all hope is not lost and there is still some beauty left in the world. That is until a zombie eats your leg, of course. H1Z1 is to hit PS4 and Windows PC…

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