• Are You Too Sexy? – Understanding Bayonetta & Women and Sexuality in Gaming

    … Since exactly forever, women in video games have had a certain reputation for being overtly sexualised. With exaggeratedly long legs, impossibly sized breasts, and jiggle physics being prioritised as key features in some games, it’s not hard to see how a lot of gamers have grown exasperated and bored of the copy/paste look a fair amount of women…

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  • Women Outnumber Men In Gaming Market, UK Study Finds

    … by the popularity of trivia, word and puzzle games across a variety of home consoles, handhelds, and phone/tablet devices. The genres were named to be the overall most popular categories within gaming, as one third of all participants named one of the three to be their preferred gameplay style. The shift in the market comes as no surprise as gaming becomes…

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