WOW! Women of Wrestling, aka WOW!, is a professional wrestling promotion founded in 2000 by David McLane, previously the founder of Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. It is based in Los Angeles, California and relaunched in 2012. Using a similar format of character driven performers, with names befitting a comic book series, such as Jungle Grrrl, an inmate tag-team complete with orange jump suits named Caged Heat, a Hollywood starlet named Lana Star and the Persian Princess, WOW launched a series of syndicated programs in the 2000-01 television seasons in 102 TV markets.
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    • World of Warcraft, Then And Now

      It's happening! World of Warcraft is about to turn 10. If you logged in today, you've already seen an achievement pop up. Although the game came out on November 23, 2004 in the US, the in-game celebration begins today. To do our bit, we made a gallery showing how much the game changed in ten years.

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    • Feast of Winter Veil Celebrations Have Begun in World of Warcraft

      The holiday season has arrived in World of Warcraft! The Feast of Winter Veil has started and will be celebrated from today all the way until January 2nd. Feast of Winter Veil is essentially a celebration of the holiday season within the game. You can find all of the new NPC’s and content in Orgrimmar if you’re a Horde character, and Ironforge if you’re an Alliance character.

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  • Watch The World First Kill of WoW's Current Hardest Boss

    … Only 4 guilds were capable of defeating Imperator Mar'gok on the hardest difficulty, the final boss of Warlords of Draenor's newest raid, and the quickest one was the Finnish top guild, Paragon. While that's impressive, their newly released kill video is just as awesome. Watch 18 minutes of epicness below from multiple guild members' view. I…

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  • The Hidden Origins of Two Warlords of Draenor Followers

    … Yulon on Tumblr found a really nice easter egg in Warlords of Draenor. The first followers—NPCs we can send out on missions for some extra loot—we can hire for our Garrisons both on the Alliance and the Horde side actually match characters from World of Wacraft's very first cinematic trailer that came out a decade ago. Two characters…

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  • Ten Ways To Become a Better WoW Player

    … One of the hardest things in World of Warcraft is making the transition from leveling and playing casually to joining raids or even dungeon groups. YouTuber LazyPeon's video, tuned for Warlords of Draenor, helps a lot. It's a really good summary of everything, from UI setups to group communication, that's necessary to do to make this step…

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  • Warlords of Draenor's First Raid Is Live, 7 Guilds Already Cleared It

    … = horde, blue = alliance) and their progress on the bosses. If you've followed WoW raids in the past you can find some familiar guilds there. But not everyone. Where is Blood Legion? Or Method? Those guys are always on top. They all did it on Heroic difficulty. It's the currently hardest one, but Mythic will be even harder when it opens next week. We have to wait a few more days for that, and probably that's when all the missing top guilds will show up. To contact the author of this post, write to: …

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  • World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Review

    … World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor An innovative addition to WoW brings a bit of originality and nostalgia back to fans old and new. It’s been ten years since a lot of us set foot on the soil of Azeroth for the first time. Ten years spent building heroes and villains from mere mortals to the almighty heroes that prowl the servers today…

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  • Life In A Nutshell In World of Warcraft's Draenor

    … too much Khadgar in the game, though, because he engages in some serious self-criticism during during the legendary ring quest line by saying: "As powerful as I am, I cannot be everywhere at once." Also, new models make everything weird. Life In Draenor (WoW Machinima) [YouTube] To contact the author of this post, write to: …

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  • How To Get Seven Rare Spawn Mounts in Warlords of Draenor

    … In WoW, Hunting rare monsters for mounts is a great alternative if you're not up to getting them from dungeons or the Garrison stables. The only problem is that it might be hard to find them. The folks at MMO Champion collected 7 of these rares and their spawning locations to help all of us out. The good news is that, except for the wolf mount…

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  • Six Easy To Get Followers For Your World of Warcraft Garrison

    … Warlods of Draenor introduced garrisons to World of Warcraft, with followers who can be sent on special missions to get some extra loot. Not all of them are hard to get, and there are a few really awesome ones who are simply hidden around the map, and you only need to know where to go. Two videos by YouTuber Opt can help you with that, showing…

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  • World of Warcraft's New Dude Blood Elves Literally Have No Butts

    …—as they have been for years. That's unfortunate! Butts are cool, and they're something we end up staring at for hundreds of hours while playing games like WoW. May I just say, though, dude butts matter too. Shockingly enough, many people even like looking at them! It doesn't just have to be lady butts, Blizzard. Everyone has them! Trust me: I asked…

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  • World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor (PC) Review

    … PvP map Tarren Mill vs Southshore. For those who weren’t around in the old days, Tarren Mill and Southshore was an unofficial landmark of world pvp (like Goldshire and Crossroads). While there was no clear winner, it was nevertheless a hell of a time, and it seems Blizzard wants to celebrate that rivalry. The map itself is a lot of fun, and players…

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  • Of Course, Warlords of Draenor Has A Dragon Ball Easter Egg

    … We knew WoW devs liked Dragon Ball, but Talador, one of Warlords of Draenor's new zones, is home to an entire scene from Dragon Ball Z. Near Shattrath City you can find two really strange orcs. Once of them is Goh'kuu and the other is Napp'agosh, who must be Vegeta's sidekick Nappa. As you can see, his fate is similar to his anime counterpart's…

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  • The Legend Of World Of Warcraft's Fabled Dance Studio

    … asking. And asking and asking. "Where's the dance studio?" "What happened to the dance studio?" "A riddle of sorts: you meet two brothers, one of whom always tells the truth, the other of whom always lies, and where's the dance studio god damn it?" See, there's this thing about WoW fans, as epitomized by moments like the triumphant emergence…

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  • World of Warcraft Zones, Ranked

    … 93. Silithus 92. Hrothgar's Landing 91. Molten Front 90. Deadwind Pass 89. Hellfire Peninsula 88. Zul'Drak 87. Scarlet Enclave 86. Bloodmyst Isle 85. Desolace 84. Azuremyst Isle 83. Arathi Highlands 82. Borean Tundra 81. Vashj'ir 80. Blasted Lands 79. Deepholm 78. Crystalsong Forest 77. Badlands 76. Swamp of Sorrows 75. Felwood…

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