• How To Get All 42 New Mounts in Warlords of Draenor

    … in the Draenor zones—or at least not right at the start—it's no surprise. And my favorite ones? Definitely the Core Hound from the level 100 version of Molten Core (#29 in the video) and maybe that flaming Armored Irontusk (#37). That looks rad. Stormwind's main square will be too small for these. All 42 New Mounts in Warlords of Draenor [YouTube, top gif via MMO Champion] To contact the author of this post, write to: …

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  • How To Level Up Alt Characters In Time For Warlords of Draenor

    … Leveling in World of Warcraft is much easier than it was in vanilla WoW days. We have heirloom items that level with us, the dungeon finder, PvP with experience points. But there's still a lot we can do to make leveling even more quicker (and fun) and GOM TV's here to share all of it in his video. After nearly eight years of covering World…

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  • Man spends two years building amazing megacity in Minecraft

    … This is mind-blowing. What you are looking at is not a screenshot of Simcity. It is a megalopolis made entirely in Minecraft using 4.5 million blocks over the course of two years on an Xbox 360 (!) Its name is Titan City and yes, it's completely insane, especially when you get up close: The city was created by Duncan Parcells, an art student…

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  • It's Time To Say Goodbye To World of Warcraft's Dark Portal

    … As patch 6.0.2. arrives and clears the field for Warlods of Draenor the current gateway between Azeroth and Outland will be closed. One of the best things in World of Warcraft is when big events like this happen and the entire population of a server gathers to celebrate. So here are a bunch of great screenshots from last night, as various…

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  • The Truth About Bosses In Elevators

    … Flamy507's short video about bosses that are only reachable via a giant elevator is so true it hurts. No matter how easy the boss seems, if there's an elevator, it's almost certain that it'll kill everyone. He uses World of Warcraft (remember Serpentshire Cavern?) as an example, but it's probably the same with every game or MMO with funky…

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  • World of Warcraft : Vol’jin Shadows of the Horde Review (Book review)

    … gotten into the story. Essentially the plot is gripping, and if you were a follower of the game the characters would be very much relatable. Unfortunately, the excessive descriptions, and long introduction to the plot, just made the book much longer than it needed to be, and made the story seem to dawdle about and bore. Only worth a read if you’re an avid WoW fan, or maybe if you have nothing else to do. VN:F [1.9.22_1171] VN:F [1.9.22_1171] …

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  • World of Warcraft Lords of War New Video – Durotan

    … Blizzard has released a new World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Lords of War Durotan video. The unforgiving land of the Frostwolf clan does not reward sentiment. When young Durotan’s mother fell deathly ill, he had a choice: Allow her life to come to a natural end, or pay a heavy price to save her. Take a look at the new video below…

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