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  • Unreleased footage of cancelled Bonk game revealed

    … You retro gamers out there might remember Bonk – the 1989 platformer originally released on the less than popular TurboGrafx-16. Players would take control of a caveboy in a 2D environment, taking on enemies from the prehistoric era – Bonk’s main attack would take advantage of his gigantic head, in which he would “bonk” enemies to death it seems…

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  • See the Super Time Force Slow Motion Video for Xbox

    … Major Nelson of Xbox announced that Super Time Force will be releasing for Xbox One and Xbox 360 this week, May 14. Here is what the developer had to say about the game: Super Time Force is frantic hyper-action videogame filled with total mayhem, total madness and total non-stop shooty-shooty-bam-bam destruction, but it’s also a game…

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  • Somebody has the cancelled Bonk game ⊟ YouTube user “Bonk Brink”...

    … Somebody has the cancelled Bonk game ⊟ YouTube user “Bonk Brink” (via Dtoid) posted this offscreen video of Bonk: Brink of Extinction, the WiiWare/PS3/XBLA game that Hudson cancelled a few years back. Which means that somebody out there has it. Which means that somebody out there can hook me up. I heard this particular Bonk game wasn’t…

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  • Review: Star Wars Pinball: Heroes Within

    … When a new game comes in to review at the end of a long day my typical routine is to enter the code, download the game overnight and start playing the next day. I’ve learned from past experience that when a game is good and I start a late night session, the next day for work is a bit rough. Similar to Luke’s apprehension of entering the dark…

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  • Week in Arcade: RBI Baseball 14

    … A sporting classic returns with a $20 price. RBI Baseball 14 Yes, that RBI Baseball, reborn with polygons after its abrupt disappearance post-RBI ’95 on 32X. Full licensing adds the essentials to this arcade style title, eliminating notions of complexity such as pitch or swing types. Scores tread ever higher and slaughter rules… - RBI Baseball -

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