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  • The Wolf Among Us Season Finale is Only a Few Days Away

    … ‘Cry Wolf,’ the fifth and final episode of Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us adventure series based on the Fables comics, will be available starting Tuesday, July 8th for PC/Mac and PlayStation 3 (US PSN). Versions for Xbox 360 and European PSN will follow on July 9th. And then on July 10th mobile gamers will be able to get their grubby hands…

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  • Constant C puzzler celebratetes PS3 release with strange music video

    … and figure out what caused this event to occur. Constant C delivers over 100 physics-based puzzles to solve utilizing your wits and some clever space/time control. Constant C was already released on XBLA and Steam this past March, and the PS3 joins the list today as a digital download through the PlayStation Store. No matter your choice of platform, the game will run you $9.99. For more information, check out the Constant C website, or take a look at the official trailer for the game here:…

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  • E3 Recap: Xbox Briefing 2014

    … Hear ye! Hear ye! E3 is here! June has come once again and if you’re a gamer (I know you are), then you know that means it’s time for press conferences and big reveals from the world’s top developers and publishers. As usual, the expo kicks off with press conferences and with no surprise, Microsoft kicked things off with their Xbox media…

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  • Xbox Deals with Gold for this Week (June 3rd)

    … Major Nelson of Xbox has released this week’s Xbox Deals with Gold,. Take a look at this week’s Xbox Deals with Gold, valid until June 9th: Xbox One Content TitleContent TypeDiscount %NBA 2K14Xbox One Game33%Call of Duty: GhostsXbox One Game17%Call of Duty: Ghosts Digital Hardened EditionXbox One Game20% Xbox 360 Deals with Gold Content…

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  • State Of Decay’s Lifeline Expansion Out Today

    … Undead Labs has announced that State of Decay’s second major DLC support is out today. Lifeline lets players see the zombie outbreak from the military’s perspective, and it doesn’t look as though things are much better on that side. The new State of Decay Lifeline DLC is available today on Steam and the Xbox Marketplace for $6.99. State of Decay…

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  • World War I Game Is... Pretty

    … Used to be that we'd get loads of war games based on World War II. Despite being an ugly conflict full of large-scale action and human drama, World War I never got as much consideration from video game creators. Valiant Hearts is going there, and it's going to look damned pretty in doing so. Read more…

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  • Review: Child of Light

    … It is always refreshing when a video game doesn’t need to use a modern military setting or require the highest resolution or hyper realistic textures in order to convey a rich and compelling story. Relying on narrative and character building, set against a fairytale inspired world, Ubisoft Montreal’s Child of Light presents a highly enjoyable…

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  • Saints Row: The Third Now Free with Xbox Games with Gold

    … Major Nelson of Xbox announced that Deep Silver and Volition’s Saints Row: The Third is now available for free with Xbox Games with Gold until May 31. Here is how the developer describes the game: Years after taking Stilwater for their own, the Third Street Saints have evolved from street gang to household brand name, with Saints sneakers…

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  • Unreleased footage of cancelled Bonk game revealed

    … You retro gamers out there might remember Bonk – the 1989 platformer originally released on the less than popular TurboGrafx-16. Players would take control of a caveboy in a 2D environment, taking on enemies from the prehistoric era – Bonk’s main attack would take advantage of his gigantic head, in which he would “bonk” enemies to death it seems…

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