• Nintendo Download (9/11/14, North America)

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    Nintendo Download (9/11/14, North America) Posted under 3DS eShop, News, Wii U eShop September 11, 2014 by Brian (@NE_Brian) This week’s North American Nintendo Downloads are as follows: Wii U Download KickBeat Special Edition (available Sept. 16) Teslagrad Wii U Demo Wii U Virtual Console 3DS Download The Keep Hideaways: Foggy Valley Top Model 3D 3DS Demo Sales Super Smash Bros.

  • This is the final Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS roster

    Nintendo Everything - - 9 readers - This is the final Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS roster Posted under 3DS, News, Wii U September 11, 2014 by Brian (@NE_Brian) The final roster for the new Smash Bros. games is in. Early buyers of the 3DS version have completed unlocking characters, so the fun is sadly over. Head past the break for the full list. And here we go: Mario Luigi Peach Bowser Yoshi Rosalina & Luma Bowser Jr. Wario Mr.
  • New Super Smash Bros. final roster revealed

    Gematsu - - 14 readers - New Super Smash Bros. final roster revealed New Super Smash Bros. features 48 playable characters. Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS is due out in Japan on Saturday, and early buyers have finished unlocking all of its characters. The game’s full roster is as follows: Mario Luigi Peach Bowser Yoshi Rosalina Bowser, Jr. Wario Mr.

The latest about Zelda

  • Hyrule Warriors Review Scores

    …Nintendo has received numerous review scores for its much anticipated Wii U title Hyrule Warriors. In addition, on launch September 26, update 1.2 will arrive with a new challenge mode, weapon, a few fixes, as well as the ability to select your own music for the game. Take a look at the review scores and if you have a score that you would like…

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  • Famitsu’s most wanted games (9/14/14)

    … 15. [PS4] Bloodborne – 214 votes 16. [PS3] The Evil Within – 212 votes 17. [PS3] Shining Resonance – 205 votes 18. [PSV] The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki II – 204 votes 19. [PS4] Omega Quintet – 203 votes 20. [PS3] The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki II – 191 votes 21. [PSV] Danganronpa: Another Episode – 162 votes 22. [WIU] The Legend of Zelda…

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  • Sunday Debate: Oracle of Seasons beats Ages on the 3DS

    …In 2001, Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages were released for the Gameboy Color. Now, Nintendo 3DS owners can purchase and download the digital copies for $3.89 USA dollars or £5.39/€5.99 during the on-going Nintendo eShop sales for Legend of Zelda titles. If prospective buyers want only one title, they should…

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  • Pre-order updates (9/14/14)

    … GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U – Amazon The Legend of Zelda – Amazon Xenoblade Chronicles X – Amazon, Best Buy Hyrule Warriors – Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop Yoshi’s Woolly World – Amazon, Best Buy Splatoon – Amazon, Best Buy Kirby and The Rainbow Curse – Amazon Mario Party 10 – Amazon, Best Buy Devil’s Third – Amazon Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker…

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  • Behind the Notes: Dire, Dire Docks ~ Let’s Go for a Swim

    …. Now it goes from a more tropical feel, to a more nostalgic feel, as if it were reflecting back onto not just Mario’s adventures, but the player’s. This is seen among all of the songs in both the Super Mario Series and Zelda Series sheet music books. So overall the Dire, Dire Docks cover follows the style of the books, nostalgic. That is all for this week’s Behind the Notes! Let us know what you thought of this week’s issue and what you want next week’s song to be. Videos by BrawlBRSTMs3 and GilvaSunner Around the web…

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  • Watch free anime episodes and shows with a cool download site

    …I didn't want to leave this one out now did I? Some of you have been sending me requests and asking where to find this and that in the world of anime. A site that I recommend you at least start with is an affiliate section under "Thehylia". Which is also a root domain for everything you could want in the Zelda universe. But getting back…

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  • Teslagrad Review

    … is seamless. Rain Games has created an absolute masterpiece, one that stands toe-to-toe with the best in its genre. For just fifteen dollars, it’s more than worth picking up. Jono loves to play and try out all types of games, but he’s especially fond of those with “Xenoblade,” “Okami,” or “Zelda” in the title. He is a features and reviews editor at Nintendo…

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  • Hyrule Warriors First Impressions

    …First off, I haven’t played any Dynasty Warriors games so I don’t know how this compares as far as controls and mechanics go or if anything was changed to better fit the Zelda theme. The 20 minutes worth of demo I played at the Nintendo booth at Oz Comic Con was the first time I’d had any experience with this type of thing. The demo showed off one…

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  • Shovel Knight now available for Mac

    … is an amalgamation of a lot of old school 2D platformers, most notably Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and Mega Man. As such, it involves a decent amount of tricky jumps, boss fights, and some adventure elements that are a bit more cryptic than the average game. Here are some basic tips to help you on your way to New Game+.moreAlthough our review…

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  • Nintendo 3DS Winter 2014 Bonus Game Promotion details revealed

    … is purchased at retail. In return, participants can request a free download code to download one of the following games from Nintendo eShop: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Yoshi’s New Island Kirby: Triple Deluxe Mario Golf: World Tour Mario Party: Island Tour Pokémon Art Academy The free download code can be requested…

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