In Haitian folklore, a zombie (Haitian Creole: zonbi) is an animated corpse raised by magical means, such as witchcraft.The concept has been popularly associated with the Vodou religion, but it plays no part in that faith's formal practices.
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    • Simuline & Specular Interactive Team Up For Project HADES

      Simuline & Specular Interactive Team Up For Project HADES arcadehero November 4, 2014 On occasion we have mentioned interactive 4D/5D/6D/7D Theaters, which at a certain point they can end up being like giant multiplayer arcade games. The trend for such theaters has been growing in recent years, especially for interactive rides that do more than just jostle the users arou ...

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    • Early COD: AW Adopters Praise The Game; You Can Play As A Zombie In MP

      In the past few days, more and more COD: AW impressions have been piling up on the Web by gamers who have been able to get their hands on the game already. Pretty much all of them agree that it’s an improvement over the last entry in the franchise, Ghosts, and generally they seem very happy about the work done by Sledgehammer Games; we have listed a few of the most articulated ...

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  • H1Z1 Developer Spotlight Video

    … Sony Online Entertainment has released a new developer spotlight video for its MMO title H1Z1. Game Designer Lenny Gullo talks about the following: The game environment is currently set in Northwest America where there are more trees and rolling hills, but less swamps and deserts. As the map gets expanded, more areas will be added. Chopped trees…

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  • Pinball: Videos of The Walking Dead and America’s Most Haunted

    … Pinball: Videos of The Walking Dead and America’s Most Haunted arcadehero September 24, 2014 It is still a good time for pinball as we approach the busiest holiday season for pinballs seen in years. I got to talk a little bit about pinball at a school today as well as a part of a “career day” event where I discussed the arcade/pinball market…

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  • Time Child Studios aims to create new, yet familiar, gaming experiences

    … By now, it is clear that video games are here to stay; they are viewed as art and are protected by the First Amendment. In 2011, during the Brown V. Entertainment Merchants Association Supreme Court case, Justice Antonin Scalia stated in the majority opinion that “like the protected books, plays, and movies that preceded them, video games…

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  • Oz Comic-Con Sydney 2014 – Day 2 In Photos

    … Oz Comic-Con Sydney 2014 – Day 2 In Photos This Sunday saw the second day of the Oz Comic-Con convention in Sydney this year. Much like the first day, the event was quite enjoyable, even if we were zombie mode-ing it from a lack of sleep. For those unaware of what Oz Comic-Con is, it is a convention centered around comic book culture, as well…

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  • Dying Light release date, gameplay footage revealed

    … been a new gameplay video released showcasing co-op and a player controlled zombie, but I’ll get to that in a minute. If you haven’t heard of Dying Light, here’s a brief overview. You’re a survivor of a zombie apocalypse set in the slums of South America. During the day, the zombies are lumbering around as you parkour (Mirror’s Edge style) around…

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  • Persona 3 Portable - Review

    …. For canon purposes in this review, we'll be discussing the story from the male's point of view, but the female side does in fact follow the same path. Just, with some minor changes. Now, with that being said, the story takes place in a completely new world created by the events of the second game. Other than a strange blue butterfly seen in a few…

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  • Persona 3: FES - Review

    … the fourth entry in the series, in reality, its the first in this new world. When the game first opens up, things are a bit confusing. The game first opens up with a scene where a girl holds some sort of gun to her head, and struggles to pull the trigger, but it then quickly shifts over to the main character (who's canon name is now "Makoto Yuki," but you…

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  • Persona 3 - Review

    … Persona. During the days of the PlayStation 1, whenever someone brought up the name "Persona," most people instantly thought of the dark role playing game which spun off from the Shin Megami Tensei series. The games took place in modern times, but monsters roamed the streets, and high school students fought back using their inner selves…

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  • Rage against Dying Light’s zombie hordes this Winter

    … Arriving a little sooner than anyone thought (isn’t that just typical of the the zombie apocalypse?), Techland’s brand new take on the zombie game is coming to consoles and the PC this Winter. Well, that just about says it all then doesn’t it? Originally thought to be arriving a little later on in the year (2015), the extremely promising Dying…

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  • Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Interview With Z Nation‘s Tom Everett Scott

    … Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Interview With Z Nation‘s Tom Everett Scott Why are we so fascinated by the idea of a zombie takeover? The obsession with the undead has always been popular on the silver screen, but recently has translated onto the small screen as well. The Walking Dead is one of the highest-rated cable programs on television…

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