• Tango’s Game Road Riot Reaches 1 Million Subscribers Mark

    …. based company has benefited heavily from a $215 million investment (which was done by the online retailer Alibaba) which allowed them to focus on introducing games to their application. Funny fact: Facebook was also assisted by a company called Zynga games, which was one of the reasons for its success. It was because of games such as Farmville…

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  • Tango Has Hit As Road Riot Reaches 1 Million Downloads

    … of the popular site. While success is usually not based on the number of downloads, the number of active players that log on every day plays a significant role in measuring success for the growing company. During the U.S. Labor Day holiday of this year, Road Riot got a huge push in the Google Play Store to the number #6 position in the country…

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  • Press Row Hangout: Madden NFL 15, The Golf Club, and NFL Showdown

    … The latest Press Row Hangout welcomed in former Madden creative director Ian Cummings to discuss the projects being worked on at Zynga Sports 365. The first game, NFL Showdown, just released last week and a golf game featuring Tiger Woods is next in line (3:50). Attention then turns to impressions of The Golf Club (21:30), answering viewer questions related to Madden NFL 15 (36:39), and how the PRP Madden Franchise is shaping up for this year (58:08). Please enable Javascript to watch this video …

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