• Tango’s Game Road Riot Reaches 1 Million Subscribers Mark

    … Tango is a relatively new instant messaging app (IM for short). Being a messaging app, it automatically falls in the same category as Kakao, WeChat and Whatsapp, who are all considered to be the industry leading players. However, while the rest of the world seems to be dominated by these bigger names, Tango seems to have found its niche…

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  • Tango Has Hit As Road Riot Reaches 1 Million Downloads

    … While messenger apps such as WeChat, Whatsapp, and Kakao are dominating the global texting industry, Tango is continued to be the most sought after in the western arena. One of the fastest growing internet based texting apps is taking the viral world by storm. Tango has hit as, Road Riot reaches 1 million downloads. Road Riot is amassing online…

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  • Press Row Hangout: Madden NFL 15, The Golf Club, and NFL Showdown

    … The latest Press Row Hangout welcomed in former Madden creative director Ian Cummings to discuss the projects being worked on at Zynga Sports 365. The first game, NFL Showdown, just released last week and a golf game featuring Tiger Woods is next in line (3:50). Attention then turns to impressions of The Golf Club (21:30), answering viewer questions related to Madden NFL 15 (36:39), and how the PRP Madden Franchise is shaping up for this year (58:08). Please enable Javascript to watch this video …

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